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Government officers’ performance report to include attitude towards SC/STs

Government officers’ performance report to include attitude towards SC/STs

Apart from work achievements, the annual appraisal report of government officials will now include sensitivity towards social justice and attitude towards Scheduled Castes and Tribes. The report will also have the officers’ ability to ensure justice SC/STs and their ability to protect them and take quick and effective action to prevent or quell atrocities against them. These guidelines are a part of draft Central civil services (performance appraisal report) rules 2019, which has been prepared to consolidate the instructions issued by the department of personnel and training.

Now, Group A officers will also have to mention their exceptional contribution, including successful completion of any challenging task or major systemic improvement resulting in significant benefits to the public. The report will also comprise awareness of officials regarding laws, rules, IT skills and the ability to apply them correctly.

Besides, the draft also says that APAR of a government servant will also include the officer’s contribution and work done through public procurement portal GeM (Government e-marketplace). This has been done to bring in transparency in the government’s procurements.The government had launched GeM, an online platform for public procurement, in 2016 with the objective of creating an open and transparent procurement platform.

To ensure that this digital e-commerce portal for procurement of goods and services is appropriately utilized by all the ministries and departments, it has been decided that a reflection of work done through GeM by the officer reported upon shall be made in the APAR of Group A, B and C officers belonging to central civil services, said a letter issued by the DoPT on September 24.

DoPT has said officer handling procurement from the GeM portal will specify the budget allocated for procurement while recording self-appraisal in APAR form against the column ‘Targets or Goals’.

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