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No Logic to Unemployment Claim, More Jobs Now in Unorganised Sector, PM Modi Says in Lok Sabha

No Logic to Unemployment Claim, More Jobs Now in Unorganised Sector, PM Modi Says in Lok Sabha

Converting the motion of thanks in Lok Sabha into a poll platform, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an unsparing attack on the opposition, whom he called “adulterated”, and broadcast the achievements of his own government as he continued to build the narrative of a “majboor vs a majboot sarkar”.

Here are the top quotes from the PM’s address:

- This government is known for its honesty and transparency and for taking action against the corrupt. Crackdown on corruption is the focus as we are accountable to the people of India.

- There has been criticism of the budget, there were baseless claims. But I think, since this is an election year, people are compelled to say something.

- We are not those who run away from challenges. We face the challenges and are working with all our strength to fulfil people's aspirations.

- India is seeing remarkable progress in the last four years. In all spheres, investment, steel sector, startups, milk and agriculture, aviation - India's progress is outstanding.

- You are allowed to criticise Modi. You are also free to criticise BJP. But in doing that, many people start criticising India. This is a case of 'ulta chor chowkidaar ko daante’.

- For many, BC stands for 'before Congress' and AD for 'after dynasty'.

- We speak truth, be it in country or outside, in Parliament or outside, but your (opposition) ability to listen to truth has diminished.

- The Congress is unable to digest that a common man like Modi is challenging a dynasty.

- In 1959, Congress government dismissed the Communist government in Kerala. Sixty years later, hope my friends from Kerala remember. So, what sanctity? What respect of institutions?

- Mahagathbandhan is mahamilawat. People have seen the work a government with an absolute majority can do. They have seen our work. They do not want a ‘Mahamilavat’ government of those who recently gathered in Kolkata.

- Congress insults the Army, calls the Army Chief a ‘Gunda’ but it is Modi who is destroying institutions? Congress leaders create stories that Indian Army is planning a coup but it is Modi who is destroying institutions?

- Congress doesn’t want to see our Indian Air Force strong. Nirmala Sitharaman has answered questions on Rafale deal. Why in 30 years Congress never thought of giving next generation aircraft to Indian air force? Congress is misleading the nation.

- Over three lakh shell companies and as many as 20,000 fraud NGOs were shut down as a result of demonetisation.

- In our neighbourhood, everyone has been building war capabilities, but why didn't India do it all these years? This is utter criminal negligence. Even the Congress knows it.

- Mahatma Gandhi wanted Congress dissolved. So, I am only fulfilling his wishes. Even Babasaheb Ambedkar had said that joining the Congress party is like committing suicide.

- Congress and inflation come in a package. Whenever the Congress comes to power, inflation rises. BUt, the NDA has worked to check rising prices.

- Our government has extensively worked for the middle class. Prices of stents, knee surgeries, medicines and the cost of generic medicines have also been brought down.

- In the past four years, there are more than 6 lakh new professionals in the country. Do you think when a doctor opens a clinic or a nursing home, he will only employ one person? Or a chartered accountant will only run his office by giving job to only one person? No. There is no logic to Congress's joblessness claim. There are more jobs in the unorganised sector.

- Congress has started the game of farm loan waivers before the elections but poor farmers have not been benefitted from this.

- Even we could have chosen the path of farm loan waiver, but instead, we have empowered the farmers to repay loans. We have also enabled the farmers to pay online.

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