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EC stalls release of biopic on PM Narendra Modi, cites Model Code of Conduct

EC stalls release of biopic on PM Narendra Modi, cites Model Code of Conduct

The Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday stalled the release PM Narendra Modi’s biopic starring Vivek Oberoi citing the Model Code of Conduct. The movie was set to release across India on Thursday.

In its order, the EC said that it has received complaints about three films, including 'PM Narendra Modi ' which are claimed to either diminish or advance the electoral prospect of a candidate or a political party in the garb of political freedom. The EC added that though these films claim to be a part of creative content it is contended that they have the potential to affect the level playing field during election which is a violation of Model Code of conduct. The other two films mentioned by the EC in its order are 'NTR Laxmi' and 'Údyama Simham'.

The EC also noted that any biopic that subserves the purpose of any political entity or individual should not be displayed in the electronic media.

The EC passed the order hours after the biopic titled PM Narendra Modi was issued a ‘Universal’ certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The film is directed by Omung Kumar.

“We are very happy that we got the ‘U’ certificate from the Censor Board, and finally the film will be releasing on April 11. We are also very relieved that the Supreme Court has rejected the plea... It is clear now from everywhere,” producer Sandeep Singh said in a statement.

Several opposition parties, including the Congress had criticised the film, claiming that the release of the film at the time of Lok Sabha poll could give undue advantage to the BJP.

In a related development, the Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a plea seeking a stay on the release of the biopic. While delivering the verdict, the apex court had said that since the film had not yet received a certificate from the Censor Board the decision to stall its release will be taken by the EC.

It may be recalled that the biopic was earlier scheduled to release on April 5 but the release got delayed to April 11. At that time Oberoi, who is a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that some powerful people did not want the film to release on on April 5.


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