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Uma Bharti Feels Reservations Must For Benefit Of Oppressed

Uma Bharti Feels Reservations Must For Benefit Of Oppressed

Bhopal:  Union minister Uma Bharti today said reservation was necessary and must continue in the country for the benefit of those who remained oppressed for ages.

Bharti further said there was no discrimination in the country on the basis of religion but certainly it was there in the name of caste.

“Reservation is necessary for the country as there are many people who remained oppressed for ages in the country because of caste,” Bharti told reporters when asked to comment on the issue in context of Gujarat assembly polls.

“It is a constitutional provision and hence it should continue,” she said.

When asked that in some temples entry of certain people is banned on the basis of caste, she said “people should go to any temple without disclosing their caste.”

On the issue of Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh’s ongoing Narmada Parikrama, Bharti said “Singh and his family is very religious. I don’t want to make any political comment on it.

“If he invites me for the bhandara (feast) normally organised after the successful completion of yatra, I will certainly take part in it. He is like an elder brother to me and I wish best wishes to both him and his wife on the occasion.

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