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England vs Afghanistan | Didn't Think I Could Produce an Innings Like That: Morgan

England vs Afghanistan | Didn't Think I Could Produce an Innings Like That: Morgan

England captain Eoin Morgan, who smashed 148 runs off just 71 balls against Afghanistan, said he never thought that he could play an innings like he did on Tuesday (June 18) in Manchester.

The left-hander demolished Afghanistan's bowling attack, smoking record 17 maximums during his stay in the middle. Morgan finished with the strike rate of over 200 and was excited to match-up to the power-hitting skills that quite a few youngsters possess in his team.

"Didn't really think it was going to be my day at any point, to be honest. I've had a bad back, looks like I'm getting old (laughs).

"There are many guys in the dressing room and who can produce an innings like that - but to match up to the youngsters is amazing. I didn't think I could produce an innings like that, honestly. Afghanistan is a side with a lot of potential - a completely different challenge with their spin attack.

"I'm delighted that I have. I think coming in at the time where it was a 50/50 shout whether myself or Jos went in probably helped that, because after I faced a few balls, I had no choice. I had to start taking risks because of him coming in next, and then after I got dropped, it was a matter of just keep going. Yeah, one of those days."

The Irishman who had the reputation of playing all the funky shots during his younger days has now transformed himself into a conventional power-hitter. Most of his sixes came straight down the ground and Morgan said he has evolved with time and trend.

"I have changed in terms of my game - everyone plays the shots I started my career with - the scoops and the sweeps, etc. However, right now, I'm stronger down the ground than I have ever been, and life seems to have come full circle that way, because cricket has evolved in a way that there are fields that the oppositions set for those funky shots now.

"I think it's just sort of where I'm looking to score has changed over the course of my career. I think I've scored a lot squarer early on in my career; whereas I look a little bit more down the ground now. And I think when you look down the ground, your mistake is almost going to look square, which still gives you a chance of hitting a six.

"I think I'm probably just becoming a target for the guys in the changing room to take down."

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