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'Yaana' review: A road trip that follows the heart

'Yaana' review: A road trip that follows the heart

With an abundant feel of freedom, exploration of the breakaway sense, the sweetness of friendship, lightweight romance, undertones of boldness, and a touch of desperation, director Vijayalakshmi Singh conjures a feel-good storyline. With the kind of Kannada films that are currently being made, Yaana comes as a whiff of fresh air. With her three daughters in the lead, the film also breaks convention, keeping the men on the sidelines. And Vijayalakshmi does succeed in her efforts.

Telling the tale of finding oneself by escaping the normal, Yaana makes us meet the adventurer inside us who wants to break free. And when the sentiment gets similar, a tight bond of friendship is formed.  

The story revolves around Maya (Vaibhavi), Anjali (Vaisiri), and Nandini (Vainidhi). All of them are in their late teens, experiencing the usual baggage of college life. But in different circumstances, all three reach a point of emotional frustration and decide to flee from their existing life.

The trio meets, their wavelengths match, and tempted by adventure, they take the road that leads to Goa, through Chelakere and Hubballi. The journey takes them on a learning curve, with introspection heavily hanging on their shoulders. But it gives them a rejuvenated spirit to live life in the society that they know, balancing relationships, being themselves, and doing what they love.   

Directing her daughters, Vijayalakshmi Singh, an actor and director herself, has clarity about youth’s life, the swift impulses of the mind, the adventurous instincts, the puzzle between the heart and the mind, the innocence and ignorance of young age, and the maturity that is sprouting through. These is evident in most situations in Yaana. To depict these emotions, Vijayalaksmi’s motherly instinct seems to have created the magic. Of course, the convenience of mother-daughters coming together has its own glitches too.

Keeping with age and generation, the director also blends in family values, which all kinds of viewers can relate to. Even though the characters come as friends, the sibling bond is apparent. Of the three, Vainidhi shows a similarity with her mother, looks-wise as well as in acting. Overall, the trio matches the director’s thought, even though the one-film-old heroines need plenty of grooming. A host of artistes support them, including their father, Jai Jagadish. Sumukha, Abhishek, Chakravarthy, Anant Nag, Suhasini, Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Shankar Veena Sundar have brief but prominent presence. Also seen are Chikkanna, Shivaraj KR Pete, and Raghu Dixit in blink-and-miss roles.

Director Suni brings a light-hearted touch with his dialogues. Background score by Anoop Seelin, youthful medleys by Joshua Sridhar and the magnificent landscapes captured by cinematographer Karm Chawla add to the charm.

A film that mirrors today’s cosmopolitan lifestyle of young girls and boys, Yaana is indeed enduring, giving a tip to all those battling heart breaks and depression, helping them live a renewed life.

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