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Trump included India as a substance transit country

Trump included India as a substance transit country

US President Donald Trump has included India among 20 major narcotic transit or illegal narcotics producing countries. In a circular to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, Trump said that the presence of a country in this list does not necessarily reflect the level of anti-narcotics efforts of that country's government or cooperation with the US.  
The list includes Afghanistan, Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Verma, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Laos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru and Venezuela Trump said that his administration has put unprecedented resources into the US to tackle the menace of illegal drugs, including strengthening borders and imprisonment. Includes preventing the use of drugs.  He said, we are making steady progress in accomplishing this big work but still a lot more remains to be done. He said that efforts should be made to cross the borders of the country even in those countries from where dangerous illegal drugs are produced. According to an assessment by the National Center for Health Statistics in the US, in 2018, 68,557 people died due to drug overdose in the country.

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