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Klopp blasts Premier League scheduling around Christmas

Klopp blasts Premier League scheduling around Christmas

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has hit out at the Premier League for the scheduling of matches around Christmas.

"It is absolutely not ok. None of the managers has a problem playing on Boxing Day, but playing on the 27th and 29th is a crime. This year we play 26th and 29th and it is like a holiday. I understand all those saying it should not happen. They are not moaning. They are telling," goal.com quoted Klopp as saying.

"It is not for the spectacle. It would not be a problem to play 26th and 29th with more teams. There is no reason why more teams do not get more than 48 hours between a Premier League game," he added.

Manchester City will be facing Wolves on Friday and are scheduled to take on Sheffield United on Sunday. While Liverpool has to face Leicester City on Thursday night and will then take on Wolves on Sunday. 

He also said that Manchester City's obligation to play two matches within a span of 48 hours was an "absolute crime".

"Obviously, we can say what we want but no one is listening. Every year is the same for the coaches with the 26th and 28th. Sports science gives you nothing to deal with this. The body needs a specific amount of time to go again. But we ignore that completely," Klopp said.

"We just say, 'Oh, they look strange running around again today.' We are not in that situation this year, but I understand each manager who mentions it from time to time - or pretty much always - when we see it coming up because it is just not ok, but other people have to decide that," he added.

City boss Pep Guardiola has already expressed his anger with the scheduling and has written a letter to the Premier League to complain.

Recently, Liverpool were forced to play Carabao Cup and Club World Cup games in the space of 24 hours and then Klopp opted to field two different sides for each competition.

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