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Mary Kom posts supercharged at-home fitness session

Mary Kom posts supercharged at-home fitness session

New Delhi, Fitness is all about persistence; a commitment to a year round routine, which doesn't waiver even with a quarantine or during an emergency. And who better to prove this than champion MC Mary Kom.

As the entire country goes into lockdown, the boxer's training video is not only highly motivational but proves to fans that if you put your mind to it nothing can stop you.

In a video uploaded on her Instagram, Mary Kom is seen in her backyard breaking into a serious sweat making the most of her quarantine time. The easy to emulate routine needs no fancy machines, all it takes Mary Kom is a skipping rope, a mat and a cube. If that's not enough, the super mum also seen completing multiple sets of spot jumping to mix up her routine.

She also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Kiren Rijiju, MoS Youth Affairs and Sports, among others in the inspiring video.

A few days ago, starlet Sara Ali Khan, also posted a video on her social media platform a Tabata routine featuring her at home exercise regimen during quarantine.

More and more celebrities are encouraging their fans to continue exercising ar home via videos on their social media platforms. MC Mary Kom and Sara Ali Khan are current brand ambassadors for sports and lifestyle major Puma's Propah Lady collection in India.

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