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Had told Ronaldo once how we hated him in Argentina: Dybala

Had told Ronaldo once how we hated him in Argentina: Dybala

Turin,  Juventus star Paulo Dybala has revealed that he once told club teammate and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo how much they disliked him in Argentina because of the way he walks and his overall demeanour.

"Once we were travelling, I was sitting next to him and I said to him that in Argentina we hated him a bit because of his figure, because of how he walks," Dybala was quoted as saying by besoccer.com.

"He laughed and told me he was used to being criticised for those things, but that he is how he is," the Argentine added while laughing as he spoke to Argentine journalist Juan Pablo Varsky.

"As a person he's an excellent guy, very friendly on and off the field, he is always willing to speak and listen as well, something which surprised me because sometimes, when they are such important players, they are not like that," Dybala said of Ronaldo.

Dybala had tested positive for coronavirus. He became the third player from Juventus that has been diagnosed with the infection that has ravaged Italy.

The striker also spoke about players accepting reduction in salaries due to the deadly virus.

"Chiellini, who is the captain, spoke to the president and then with us. He called me and told me that the club was asking us for help because they don't have any earnings today," Dybala revealed.

"An agreement was reached and he signed the statement together with the president. Obviously we spoke about him in the group chat of the whole team and there were differing opinions. There are even players who were one or two matches off activating certain clauses and we don't know what is going to happen," he said.

"It's difficult for everyone to agree and even more so in such a delicate topic so therefore those which have been here longer spoke, we shared ideas from other groups who are in a similar situation and we reached the conclusion that this was the best thing to do," he added.

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