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Our smiles maybe fake but we are not: Kohli

Our smiles maybe fake but we are not: Kohli

New Delhi, At home and spending quality time with actress wife Anushka Sharma, Indian captain Virat Kohli on Thursday said in a message that their smiles might be fake at times of distress, but they are not.

"Our smiles maybe fake but we are not," said Kohli on his Twitter handle with two photos of him and Anushka relaxing at home.

With the coronavirus pandemic putting a spanner across all works of life, sports has also come to a halt. In cricket, the Indian Premier League has been pushed back till April 15 amid a 21-day nationwide lockdown which kicked off on March 24 to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

The star couple has pledged to support the Prime Minister's Relief Fund and Chief Minister's (Maharashtra) Relief Fund in the ongoing battle against the coronavirus pandemic earlier in the week. A source in the industry told IANS that Virat and Anushka have jointly donated Rs 3 crore towards the cause.

Kohli had previously also posted about him getting a haircut from Anushka.

Earlier, the star batsman had made an appeal to all to strictly follow the guidelines that have been set by not just the government, but also medical experts in our fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

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