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Vaughan wants IPL for five weeks leading up to T20 WC

Vaughan wants IPL for five weeks leading up to T20 WC

London, The coronavirus outbreak has seen not only normal life come to a standstill, even sporting events across the world have either been cancelled or suspended. The fate of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League also hangs in balance as the Indian government has called for a 21-day lockdown that will last till April 14. Former England skipper Michael Vaughan feels that there is still a window open to have both the IPL and the World T20.

Taking to Twitter, Vaughan said: "Here's a thought .. The IPL is played for the 5 weeks leading up to the T20 World Cup in Oz .. all players use it as the great warm up for the WC .. then the WC happens .. So important for the game that the IPL takes place but also the WC."

IPL franchises have decided that they will have the next meeting to decide the way forward only after the government comes up with a fresh advisory on or after April 14.

Speaking to IANS, an official of one of the franchises said that it doesn't make any sense to have meetings when the future is uncertain, adding that there will be a clarity once the current lockdown ends.

"We last met the BCCI officials at the HQ and after that the next meeting was called off as it was clear that a clarity from the government on the situation with regards to the pandemic is a must. Now that our 21-day lockdown comes to an end on April 14, we will get clarity on how things stand and if we will need any further steps in that direction to fight COVID-19. Once that clarity is got, we can all sit down and chalk out the road ahead," the official said.

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