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Afridi feels PCB failed to set strong example against corruption

Afridi feels PCB failed to set strong example against corruption

Lahore, Former skipper Shahid Afridi feels that repeated cases of Pakistan players either being approached by bookies or them failing to report approaches is due to the failure of the Pakistan Cricket Board to set strong examples. Umar Akmal is the latest player who failed to report an approach made during the Pakistan Super League.

"I feel these examples should have been set in the past but this didn't happen and that is why we have seen such cases on regular basis," Afridi told the Geo channel.

"I have nothing against anyone but even now if the Board wants to set an example it can do that. Only then can we hope to curtail such cases," he added.

Commenting on Umar, he said: "Umar really needs to look at the company he keeps. He needs to get his priorities sorted out. He is a fine batsman but he can't keep on carrying like this."

Afridi also made it clear that the PCB should groom the players. "Most of the Pakistani players come through without any proper education background and they are prone to falling prey to people who encourage corruption in the game.

"I just feel that the board must have a grooming and education program for these players. I think it is about how well you manage a talent. Umar is one example. But just telling them about the anti-corruption clauses is not enough."

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