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Wanted to learn cooking, not sure will have time: Pujara

Wanted to learn cooking, not sure will have time: Pujara

Mumbai,  India batsman Cheteshwar Pujara is stuck at home just like every other Indian as the country is under a 21-day lockdown. While the cricketer admits it is frustrating, he also believes it is important as the world tries to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

"Even though it can get a little bit frustrating, it is important to stay at home in these troubled times. The feeling of frustration is not bigger than life. You just have to deal with it for a few days, and then we might get used to it," he told the Hindustan Times.

Pujara feels that it is important to find interesting things to do and he has his daughter to keep them occupied.

"You have to find new activities to do at home. That's what we are doing, and so even though it feels like there is a lot of time on our hands, there isn't really much. My daughter Aditi takes most of our time. Everything revolves around her. We don't get bored due to her presence; she is very energetic, running around the house almost throughout the day.

"Our timings are set according to her, so my workout is mostly done in the afternoon when she is sleeping. I wanted to learn cooking, but I am not sure that I will have enough time for it," he pointed.

He also said that he is looking to support his wife in doing household chores. "In these times, you have to manage all your work on your own, which is again not a big issue for us. When I go to play County cricket (in the UK), we manage the household chores on our own. Right now, I am trying to help my wife, Puja, by either cleaning the house, chipping in with washing the utensils or just organising things at home," he said.

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