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Yokohama triathlon event suspended due to coronavirus

Yokohama triathlon event suspended due to coronavirus

Tokyo,  The World Triathlon Series and World Paratriathlon Series, set to take place in Yokohama in May, have been suspended due to the global spread of the coronavirus.

The organising committee of the events said in a statement, saying, "With the Japanese government's entry restrictions on people traveling from most parts of the world and considering the pandemic situation of coronavirus, we are finally compelled to make a difficult decision to suspend the event of 16th and 17th May 2020 to our deep regret," reports Xinhua news agency.

It said that the entry fee and charity donation for this year's event will not be refunded.

Organisers are studying the new possible dates for the delivery of the event as a ranking point event for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, taking into account the re-scheduled dates of the 2020 Games and the new qualification criteria that should be announced shortly.

Most of the world's sporting events, including Olympics and Wimbledon, have been suspended or cancellend due to COVID-19, which has so far claimed more than 58,000 lives worldwide.

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