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Bhupathi takes up Paes' 'Frying Pan' challenge (16:22)

Bhupathi takes up Paes' 'Frying Pan' challenge  (16:22)

New Delhi, Former tennis player Mahesh Bhupati took up Leander Paes' 'Frying Pan' challenge, admitting that he could not do it as well as his former doubles partner.

"@Leander here you go, I tried your no look, talking to the camera version but I don't have that kind of skill so I went down in size to a mini frying pan to make it challenging," tweeted Bhupathi.

Earlier this week, Swiss Maestro Roger Federer had posted a video of himself volleying, while slamming the ball on the wall. He also urged fans and celebrities, including the likes of Virat Kohli, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, etc to take up the challenge.

However, Paes has gone one step ahead and has come out with the 'Frying Pan' challenge.

"Here's a challenge for you guys while we're in lockdown! How many can you do? I'm challenging all of you out there. Send in your entries with the Frying Pan Challenge, tag me, and I'll share the best few!" Paes tweeted along with the video of him hitting no-look volleys with a frying pan.

Former Indian Davis Cup captain Bhupathi, who had partnered Paes in men's doubles for many years in the past, was in awe of the 46-year-old. Quoting the video put on ATP Twitter handle, Bhupathi wrote, "Man can volley with anything."

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