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Quality of pitches key to preserving Test cricket, says Hussain (12:52)

Quality of pitches key to preserving Test cricket, says Hussain  (12:52)

London, Even as the world is busy constantly debating if Test matches should be turned to 4-day affairs to make them more interesting, former England captain Nasser Hussain believes that quality of pitches and spectator experience is key to preserving Test cricket.

Speaking on Star Sports show Cricket Connected, he said, "The keys areas I can pinpoint to one's pitches is that if they are flat, like one in Cambridge which years ago when Jimmy Anderson got 90 odd runs from 600 balls. The games on these pitches are boring and old school. Those days have got to go in Test match cricket, 300+ score in first innings where the ball slightly dominates back making it great for viewing and crowd experience. The match gives a value add to the tickets bought and England Test match ticket are not cheap."

Earlier, speaking to Kevin Pietersen, India skipper Virat Kohli had also made it clear that for him Tests are the real deal and the whole value of the oldest format comes with playing it over five days.

"Test cricket, Test cricket, Test cricket, Test cricket, Test cricket, I have said it five times. For me, it is the representation of life. You got to keep going when u don''t score runs, you go back in your hotel room and again get ready the next day. It is life. It has made me a better person," he pointed.

In fact, India head coach Ravi Shastri had also said that Kohli's love for the format is a huge boost for the next generation.

"Massive...not just for the Indian team, but the world when it comes to Test cricket. More than anything else, when a player like him endorses the game in an open manner where he is very clear what he wants out of Test cricket and that he enjoys that format the most.

"So, as a young kid watching the game, when they see a superstar embracing Tests, you will want to emulate him whether you are an Indian, English, Australian, Pakistani or Sri Lankan," he had said.

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