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Request you to take back your statement: Jwala to Babita

Request you to take back your statement: Jwala to Babita

New Delhi, Former India badminton player Jwala Gutta called for wrestler-turned politician Babita Phogat to take back her statement on the spread of coronavirus in India.

"Sorry babita I don't think this virus sees race or religion..I request you to take back ur statement ...we are sportspersons who represented our great nation which is secular and so beautiful...when we win all these people have celebrated us and our wins as their own!!" said the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist.

Jwala also stuck around to answer a number of abusive trolls that came in reply to her tweet to Babita, which itself was made in reply to the former wrestler's video defending her contentious tweet.

Babita's tweet in which she said that India's biggest worry above coronavirus remains "ignorant jamaatis" had led to a significant backlash online with many calling for her handle to be suspended.

She later tweeted a video defending her tweet and stating that she is "against those who attack police and doctors" and are spreading the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of sportspersons, including Babita's fellow wrestlers have expressed their support.

Like most other fields, sports has come to an a complete standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has led to the postponement of the Olympics to next year. Even the IPL remains postponed with the BCCI saying that it will track developments with the government before making a call on the future of the 13th edition of the league.

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