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20 held for protesting against doctor's funeral in TN

20 held for protesting against doctor's funeral in TN

Chennai, The Tamil Nadu police have arrested 20 persons for attacking an ambulance and also for protesting against the funeral of a doctor who had died of Covid-19.

The 55-year-old doctor died on Sunday night at a private hospital near here and his body was taken to a crematorium.

However, the locals there held a protest against the funeral fearing the spread of the virus. They also attacked the ambulance and healthcare officials.

Later police arrived at the scene and the doctor's body was buried.

This is the second such incident in the city.

Some days back a doctor from Nellore died of Covid-19 at a private hospital and when his body was taken to a crematorium the locals protested against it.

The police took back the body to the hospital mortuary and he was cremated during the early hours.

The opposition from the locals to the final rites of the doctors who died due to Covid-19 has shocked the medical community.

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