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Love this look Paaji! Keep it: Manjrekar to Kapil

Love this look Paaji! Keep it: Manjrekar to Kapil

Mumbai,   Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar has advised Kapil Dev to keep sporting the shaved head look, saying he loved it.

A day after Sachin Tendulkar posted pictures of trimming his own hair amid the COVID-19 lockdown, former India captain and legendary all-rounder Kapil Dev's new look was revealed on Twitter where he was seen posing with a shaved head.

India's first World Cup winning captain was also seen sporting a sunglass and wearing a black blazer as he looked dashing.

"Love this look Paaji! Keep it!" Manjrekar said in a tweet with Dev's photo sporting the new look with a grin on his face.

Kapil had previously urged countrymen to stay indoors during the lockdown which according to him has become the "lifeline for mankind" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Kapil, during the lockdown which has been imposed to stop the spread of novel coronavirus, people should stay at home as that is the least they can do to combat the disease which has claimed thousands of lives across the world.

Batting legend Tendulkar had also posted about his new hairdo on Instagram recently.

"From playing square cuts to doing my own hair cuts, have always enjoyed doing different things. How's my new hairdo looking @aalimhakim & @nandan_v_naik?" Sachin captioned the image where he is trying to cut his own hair with a trimmer.

Previously, India skipper Virat Kohli was also seen taking a haircut from actress wife Anushka Sharma during the lockdown period.

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