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LaLiga Football Schools provide e-training to kids

LaLiga Football Schools provide e-training to kids

Mumbai, LaLigas grassroots football development program in India, LaLiga Football Schools, is providing e-training to kids during the COVID-19 lockdown in India.

LaLiga along with 'India On Track' is organising 60 sessions a week and so far over 1500 kids have already attended the program from eight cities across India. This initiative is part of the global project taken up by LaLiga Sports Projects Department called LaLiga at Home, a statement said.

LaLiga Football Schools aim to bring the passion for the sport into the homes of all its students during the COVID-19 pandemic. LaLiga coaches are communicating digitally with the students via various training modules which includes physical, mental and skill development.

The program has been further expanded to include children who may not be enrolled in the on-ground centres and has made training available to any interested child aged between 5-18 years.

These children can attend a free trial session, and participate in a group or individual session with international coaches, for a small fee.

The sessions lasting between 60-90 minutes, are conducted by LaLiga Football Schools' coaches and consist of activities which include strength exercises, quiz contests, historic match visuals and so on.

Apart from these sessions, the students will have access to different content on social media like tactical sessions, importance of nutrition, how to be active and fit at home, information about LaLiga clubs and even quiz games in order to increase their knowledge about the competition.

Currently, LLFS is running 25 such training centers in Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Bengaluru. On average, around 15 to 18 kids participate in each of these training modules.

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