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Kerala's new Covid contribution plan: one-month salary cut over 5 months

Kerala's new Covid contribution plan: one-month salary cut over 5 months

Thiruvananthapuram, After facing opposition over contribution of one month's salary of all state government officials towards the CM's Covid Relief Fund, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday came out with another proposal: six-day salary deduction in the next five months as a temporary measure. That would mean a month's salary in five months.

"Everyone should cooperate and come to the state's help," said Vijayan.

The state government earlier this month had decided to deduct one-month salary of all government employees as a contribution to Covid relief fund, sparking opposition from various quarters.

"Even with two floods (last year and in 2018), we have been able to grow above 7 per cent. This pandemic has badly hit the economy. We are a consumer state, solely dependent on tourism and the diaspora, both are struggling now. Our various demands and requests with the Centre have been shot down. But we have to move forward... we are getting good response from the people towards the CM Covid Relief Fund," Vijayan told media.

He said the latest proposal is that all employees should contribute six day's salary every month for the next five months, temporarily.

"The salary of Ministers, legislators and other people's representatives will be cut by 30 per cent every month for a year," said Vijayan.

The salary deduction is temporary and it will be returned when the state's economy springs back to normal, he added.

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