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I had cried on meeting 'role model' Sachin sir: Hima Das

I had cried on meeting 'role model' Sachin sir: Hima Das

New Delhi, Ace India sprinter Hima Das on Sunday said her role model has always been cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

In an Instagram chat with veteran India batsman Suresh Raina, Hima said: "My role model is Sachin Tendulkar, I still remember talking to him when he invited me to his home. When I saw him, I ended up crying and sir consoled me. It was the best moment for me. Meeting your role model is a big moment for everyone and no one can forget that."

On her COVID-19 lockdown lessons, Hima said: "I have learnt a few things during the lockdown: 1. Dedication. 2. We used to go out to eat, which is not healthy 3. We can stay at home and live life without going out unnecessarily," Hima said.

Hima told Raina that she is doing yoga and indoor workout to keep herself fit. "Since we are not allowed to go to the ground, I am doing workouts in the room. We have a 30-40 metre long lawn, and I am utilising it for exercise. Started doing yoga and mind exercise. Eating habits have also changed. I have stopped eating meat and I am consuming more fruits and water," added the 20-year old Assam girl.

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