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Migrants stage protest at Malappuram, want to go home

Migrants stage protest at Malappuram, want to go home

Thiruvananthapuram, About 40 migrant labourers on Thursday took out a protest march to the Chattiparembu market carrying placards demanding that they be sent to their homes.

The police had a tough time in stopping the protest march and after much persuasion, managed to get them back into the camp where they are staying.

However, a few of them have been taken into custody for breaking the lockdown norms.

While the migrant labourers have no complaints about their well being at the camp where they are put up, they want to go back to their homes as they said people back home are suffering and they have no work here.

Across Kerala in close to 20,000 camps (shelters) there are about four lakh migrant labourers who are being taken care of by the state government, which has provided them with all the necessary things, including food and recreational facilities.

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