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Kerala Health Minister answers helpline caller

Kerala Health Minister answers helpline caller

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Health Minister K.K. Shailaja, here on Monday, responded to the 100,000th call that came to the Disha-helpline number 1056.

The helpline, launched on January 22, has received huge number of calls from people seeking help and guidance on Covid-19.

When the phone rang on Monday, it was picked by Shailaja. On the other end was a lady Sreelekshmi from Chennai and all her doubts was cleared. Just before the end of call, Shailaja told Sreelekshmi who she was and a startled caller couldn't hide her excitement.

Soon there was applause from all who was hearing Shailaja answer the caller.

Sreelekshmi praised the Minister for her work. Shailaja said everything had happened like this because of the good team work and the phone was disconnected.

The 24x7 helpline is functioning from the state capital.

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