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INS Magar arrives in Kochi from Maldives with 202 Indians

INS Magar arrives in Kochi from Maldives with 202 Indians

Kochi, As part of the Operation Samudra Setu, Indian Naval ship INS Magar, carrying 202 Indian nationals from Maldives, docked in the port city on Tuesday evening.

This is the second evacuation carried out from the Maldives by the Indian Navy, with the first one arriving on Sunday when INS Jalashwa carried 698 passengers and docked here.

INS Magar had left Male on Sunday and covered 493 nautical miles to reach here.

On board included 24 women (two pregnant) and two children.

Among those who arrived include 93 from Kerala, 81 from Tamil Nadu and the rest from various states of the country.

The protocol for these passengers is that people can go to their homes and be in isolation for 14 days.

The general guideline is if any one shows any symptoms of Covid-19, all such people will be directly sent to Covid hospitals here.

Meanwhile, INS Jalashwa will be undertaking its second evacuation of around 700 Indian nationals from Male to Kochi on Friday.

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