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Five Congress lawmakers among 400 to go under isolation in Kerala

Five Congress lawmakers among 400 to go under isolation in Kerala

Palakkad (Kerala)  With a person who entered Kerala through the Walayar check post , near here , turning COVID-19 positive, the Palakkad district health authorities have asked five Congress lawmakers and about 400 people including police, state government officials media and others to go into two-week isolation.

The person came through the check post on May 9 and 12 turned COVID-19 positive.

Following this the local health authorities have asked Congress MP's V.K.Sreekantan, T.N.Prathapan and Remya Haridas besides legislators- Anil Akkara and Shafi Parambil to go into isolation.

Reacting to this was Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala in the state capital, said one should naturally suspect a political colour to it , but will abide by the health directive.

Incidentally on that day, all these lawmakers had travelled to the border check post after it surfaced that hundreds was waiting to enter the state, but was having difficulties after the authorities was insisting on passes.

These lawmakers were in the forefront of distributing food and water to all who were stuck at the entry post .

The Congress lawmakers suspect that the local CPI-M leadership is behind this and reacting to it, Sreekantan said, if the situation demands for them to go under isolation, they will abide by the rules.

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