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Monsoon to arrive in Kerala four days late: IMD

Monsoon to arrive in Kerala four days late: IMD

New Delhi, The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Friday that the onset of monsoon over Kerala will be delayed by four days and the expected date now is June 5 as against June 1.

The weather department said, "This year, the onset of southwest monsoon over Kerala is likely to be slightly delayed as compared to the normal date of the onset. The monsoon onset over Kerala this year is likely to be on June 5 with a model error of 4 days."

Monsoon in the southern state holds significance as its onset marks the commencement of the four-month long rainfall season from June to September.

Meanwhile, monsoon is likely to reach the Andaman and Nicobar Islands around May 16, over six days before its normal onset date.

This is due to a cyclonic circulation in the Bay of Bengal. A well-marked low-pressure over the Bay of Bengal is all set to intensify into a depression and lead to a cyclonic storm on May 16 evening.

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