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Girl seeks justice for sister on Twitter

Girl seeks justice for sister on Twitter

Lucknow, The family of a young woman who died by hanging -- allegedly a murder for dowry -- has now taken to the social media to ensure justice for the deceased.

Pallavi Kaushal, sister of the deceased, Kirti Kaushal, has posted the case on Twitter with hashtag #justice for Kirti.

Pallavi alleged that her sister was killed for dowry on May 3 and the Sambhal police has not yet arrested the accused persons -- Vipin Kumar, Neetu and Rudrakshi.

Ashok Kumar Singh, circle officer, Chandausi, in Sambhal told IANS on Friday that the accused were absconding since the incident took place.

"We are all in lockdown and we have been trying to locate the whereabouts of the accused. We assure you that they will be arrested as soon as the lockdown is lifted," he said.

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