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Kerala registers record 111 corona cases in a day: CM

Kerala registers record 111 corona cases in a day: CM

Thiruvananthapuram, For the first time, the number of new coronavirus cases in Kerala on a single day crossed 100 to touch 111 on Friday, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said.

"This is the highest number of positive cases in a single day. It is likely to go up as one lakh people from abroad are expected to return to Kerala if all flights scheduled for June arrive," said Vijayan.

Vijayan said that from June 1 to June 5, 430 positive cases have been recorded in Kerala.

The total corona cases in Kerala now are 1,697, of which 973 are active. As many as 1,77,106 people are under observation in homes, corona care centres and hospitals.

On Friday, five more corona hot spots were added in Kerala, taking the total to 128.

"As on date, 30,133 people have come from abroad and 1,46,670 from within the country. Of these, 680 returnees tested positive. With more returnees expected, the coronavirus cases in all likelihood will go up," said Vijayan.

He pointed out that 40,000 antibody tests are expected to be done in the coming days.

"This is going to increase the testing rate. If anyone tests positive, they will have to undergo the PCR test," said Vijayan.

As many as 3,165 people were fined on Friday for not wearing masks in public, while 13 cases was registered against those who violated quarantine.

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