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CPI-M in Kerala turns trendy, goes digital

CPI-M in Kerala turns trendy, goes digital

Thiruvananthapuram, June 6 (IANS) After opposing computers and digitization of the party tooth and nail for years, the CPI-M in Kerala on Saturday decided to embrace information technology and finally go online.

CPI-M state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told the media in a Facebook interaction that on June 13, the various committees of the party would be going online with social distancing the new normal, there was not much choice.

"This is a new change that we have made and all our committee's will be equipped for this online. We are doing this as times have changed these are Covid times," said Balakrishnan.

The Congress was the first to embrace the trend in the most literate state in the country by then Finance Minister Oommen Chandy in 1991. A few days back Chandy's office had come out with an old publication of theirs on what the CPI-M said about computers and the damage that it will do.

And the stock statement of Chandy always has been, "First the CPI-M here opposed mechanisation in agriculture, then they broke computers, which was first installed in one of my department's when I was the Finance Minister.

"Today Pinarayi Vijayan carries two laptops with him. Such is the way the CPI-M handles things, first they oppose everything, then years later, they embrace it," says Chandy.

Incidentally the party politburo also had an online meeting, earlier this week when their top leaders interacted online and held its politburo meeting.

Balakrishnan also told the media that on June 16, 10 lakhs of their party members and fellow travellers will assemble at 2 lakh places with five people in every spot to demand Rs 7,500 to each person and 10 kg of food grains for six months from the Centre. This should be given to all those who do not pay income tax.

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