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Kerala eases lockdown norms for business travellers

Kerala eases lockdown norms for business travellers

Thiruvananthapuram, The Kerala government on Monday came out with a new order easing the lockdown norms, exempting those who come to the state for business purposes. The order said business travellers need not undergo the mandatory 14 days of home quarantine.

The order states that there are people who visit the state for a short time for business, official work, trade, medical, court cases, property management or other such purposes. However, all such persons arriving for business purposes have to get prior permission by applying through the state government website and get an e-pass, the order said.

"Since placing them in home/institutional quarantine is not feasible, the government has allowed them to visit the state for a period up to 7 days without mandatory quarantine, after obtaining entry pass through the Covid-19 Jagratha portal. The students who visit the state for exams or academic purposes can stay for a period of 3 days before the start of exam and 3 days after the exam is over," said the order.

In case of any violation to the above norms, strict action will be taken against the persons and others involved in it, the order said.

Currently there are 1,340 corona positive patients under treatment in Kerala.

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