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Dan Smith would love to collaborate with Sia, Rihanna

Dan Smith would love to collaborate with Sia, Rihanna

London: Dan Smith has expressed his desire to collaborate with Sia and Rihanna for his next song.

The 31-year-old singer said he would love to work alongside the two music icons for an upcoming track.

"I really want to collaborate with Sia. I do quite a bit of writing outside of the band as well, so there's a lot of people I want to write with," Smith said according to Contactmusic.

"I love writing pop music, so yeah we'll see. Sia's just an interesting one of a kind, I'd love to write with her.

That'd be cool," he added.

The Bastille band member also said he would love Rihanna lend her voice to one of the songs of their next album.

"And obviously Rihanna. We're debating at the moment, there's a song on the album that I would love her to sing on and I'm like, 'Is it worth asking?' Because I know it's going to get knocked back," Smith said.

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