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Malayalam film industry mourns for SP Balasubrahmanyam

Malayalam film industry mourns for SP Balasubrahmanyam

Thiruvananthapuram,  The Malayalam film industry is yet to come to terms with the passing away of music great S.P. Balasubrahmanyam popularly known as SPB.

Ace director Priyadarshan said SPB would go down in history as a person who never had any enemies.

"We first interacted when he came to sing for my film 'Kilukkam'(1991) and after that he sang for my films in various languages. He was a happy go lucky person and never had any airs. A huge loss for all," said Priyadarshan.

SPB sang for numerous Malayalam films and was a frequent visitor to the state to participate in musical events.

Popular singer Sujatha said she just cannot express her feelings as he was such a great human being.

"In the industry, he was like a parent to all, as he could gel with all without any issues. Am at a loss to say more," said Sujatha.

M.G.Sreekumar was at a loss to find words to express his emotions about SPB and said he does not wish to believe this news.

"I am speechless and feel that the world of music has come to an end. We sang so many songs together. He was such a down to earth human being and that was what people will never ever forget, just like his songs," said Sreekumar.

Actor and singer Krishna Chandran said that it was in 1982 that he first came to meet SPB.

"We were part of musician Illayaraja's music troupe and used to travel by train. Those journeys will always remain etched in my memory as he was such a great human being. In June this year, my daughter who is in Canada sent me a SPB song which she sang. I thought I will send it to SPB. I forwarded it to him with my voice clip, introducing me, as I felt he would have forgotten me. Instantly I got a reply, recalling our old times. I was flattered by his simplicity and humility. SPB was a full package and will go down as the most versatile playback singer as his range was unbelievable," said Chandran.

"I have no words. There can be one and only Balu Sir. I have sung a couple of songs with him in Tamil movies. In those days the recording used to be live and it was interesting. He used to encourage me a lot. Some months ago I had met him. He enquired about my family and me," playback singer Jency told IANS.

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