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Sleaze CD case: Kannada film producer books 'CD Lady' title

Sleaze CD case: Kannada film producer books 'CD Lady' title

Mysuru,  In a bid to encash on the ongoing controversy over the 'Sleaze CD' saga involving former state minister Ramesh Jarakiholi, noted film producer and JD-S leader Sandesh Nagaraj has applied to the Karnataka Film Chambers of Commerce (KFCC), seeking registration of "CD Lady" title for his next venture.

"We have registered the title and are yet to zero in on the story and director. Film making is a lengthy process and catchy titles always draw crowds to theatres. This title has that punch therefore, I just registered it even before someone applies for it," he told reporters here.

Responding to a question, the producer argued that his new movie "CD Lady" will not be an adult entertainer but it will have all the ingredients that would make a film a runaway hit.

"All these years, I have given family-oriented and message-oriented films in Kannada. Therefore, this movie too will fit into such a category, where everyone can sit and watch it," he said.

Nagaraj has produced movies like "Airavata", "Prince", "Mannina Doni", and "Amar".

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