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Tollwood split over Pawan Kalyan-Sri Reddy spat

Tollwood split over Pawan Kalyan-Sri Reddy spat

In a dramatic turn of events, Sri Reddy abused Pawan Kalyan on live TV and hit herself with her own slipper, for having called him Anna or brotehr previously. This was in response to Pawan Kalyan's statement asking Sri Reddy to go to the Police and other authorities to raise a compalint, instead of going to the media and staging protests in public, like she has been doing.

In response to the abuse, an actress named Madhavi Latha(pictured below) staged a silent protest in support of Pawan Kalyan outside Telugu film Chambers Of Commerce, before she was shifted by the police.


Reacting to Sri Reddy's abuse, many of Pawan Kalyan's fans issued rape, death threats to Sri Reddy on various Social Media platforms. Sri Reddy responded by threating Pawan Kalyan with a lawsuit if he didn't rein his fans in.

Actor Naga Babu, gave a press conference in support of his brother Pawan Kalyan and said that he was being targeted for being a mega star. He also said that Pawan Kalyan couldn't be responsible for online abuse by anonymous users.

Many activists and junior cine artistes have come out in support of Sri Reddy, and Activist Sajaya Kakarla of Women’s JAC, echoed Sri Reddy’s thoughts. “Nobody can tell a woman how she should protest; the fact that she has to come out on the streets to protest is a grave matter in itself. it’s because women have lost faith in the system that they are voicing their concerns this way,” she said.

Many also questioned Pawan Kalyan's hypocrisy by asking how he could ignore allegation of women's exploitation in his own industry, while raising a hue and cry over the Kathua rape case.

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