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Rakshit Shetty on pan-India release of '777 Charlie': Good content has universal language

Rakshit Shetty on pan-India release of '777 Charlie': Good content has universal language

Bengaluru,  Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty is all set for the release of his upcoming film "777 Charlie". Besides in Kannada language, the film will also release in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages.

"Bearing the vitality and the pertinence of the subject in mind, the making of '777 Charlie' had been wisely planned and executed in a way that the film feels relatable to audiences across borders. Owing to the universality of the subject, the team has conformed to the idea of presenting the film on a pan-India scale," Rakshit tells IANS.

He adds: "Good content has a universal language. This has been proven time and again in the last 18 months, as people have been consuming creative content presented from around the world on OTT platforms. Great content always strike the right chords. We are therefore certain that our film will be well received by the audience across the country and beyond." says the actor, who was last seen on screen in Kannada film "Avane Srimannarayana".

"777 Charlie", directed by Kiranraj K., explores the bond between humans and animals. Rakshit, who plays the character of Dharma, reflects on the relationship humans have with their dogs.

"Dogs bring happiness and affection into our lives. Since the pandemic the world has seen a steep rise in the number of adoptions. People have become increasingly open to inviting pet pals into their lives. The story of Dharma and Charlie (his dog) will add to the girth of the profoundness of the relationship that we share with our pets," he says.

While the makers haven't yet finalised the release date yet, the film is expected to be somewhere in September.

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