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Alia Wonders Whether People Will Continue To Love Her

Alia Wonders Whether People Will Continue To Love Her

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt today said that one thing she has learnt from her experience in the last two years is that change is the only constant in life and wondered whether people will continue to love her.

“Initially I was very vulnerable and I was also very hungry to prove (myself). But with experience and in the last two years, it just came a bit of realisation to me is that the only constant in life is change,” she said, who has lot of hit films like Highway at a young age.

“…So, today I may be getting lot of love, tomorrow I won’t, may be. Today may be I am getting lot of hate, tomorrow I won’t, may be,” the 24-year old actor added.

Alia was speaking at a session on conversation with Karan Johar at India Economic Summit.

When asked about her reaction when people do performance comparisons, she said: “I can just better and just try to be the better version of myself”.

She added that when people ask about her achievements, she Bhatt said she is just doing her job.

“All I want to do is give lot of heart into all my performances, every character that I play and I want to be remembered for all movies that I am part of and the character I play,” the Highway-famed actor added.

Replying to a query on changing technologies, the actor described herself as “technology challenged” amongst those present.

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