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Bhuj actress Pranitha's post on Afghanistan goes viral

Bhuj actress Pranitha's post on Afghanistan goes viral

Bengaluru, Multi-lingual actress Pranitha Subhash from Karnataka has taunted apologists in the backdrop of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan and her post has gone viral on social media.

Pranitha, the popular South Indian actress of Bhuj, has stated that "apologists in India are using 'Hindu terror' as a defence to whitewash what's happening in Afghanistan. Attempts to legitimise the concept will remain a figment of their imagination. Beware, enemies are not present beyond our borders, they are around you too," she posted on her social media.

Pranitha further said in another post that reports of young girls being raped and enslaved in Afghanistan by the Taliban are horrifying. "What was the use of ISAF's two-decades-long presence if they don't protect the most vulnerable? Our prayers are for the safety of the Afghan people," she added.

The posts went viral and people have appreciated the boldness of the actress to comment on the sensitive issue. Pranitha involves herself in philanthropic as well as social activism.

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