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Malayalam filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan makes Hindi debut with 'Phantom Hospital'

Malayalam filmmaker Mahesh Narayanan makes Hindi debut with 'Phantom Hospital'

Mumbai, Mahesh Narayanan, who is known for helming the Malayalam political-thriller 'Malik', is set to make his Hindi directorial debut with the upcoming film 'Phantom Hospital'.

Narayanan said: "I was instantly drawn to the story inspired from true incidents in the healthcare sector of India. It gives me immense pleasure to associate with Priti Shahani, who as a producer, has consistently delivered quality content, and Josy Joseph, whose meticulous research has added great layers to the story."

"My films have received so much love from the Hindi audiences that I am truly looking forward to directing my first Hindi feature."

Priti Shahani, the Bollywood producer behind movies such as 'Talvar', 'Raazi' and 'Badhaai Ho', announced a genre-bending new feature film in collaboration with Josy Joseph.

Based on an unprecedented investigation into the Indian healthcare system, 'Phantom Hospital' will mark Narayanan's entry into the Hindi film industry.

Announcing the project, Priti said her new content house believes in harnessing the power of great stories, especially those rooted in reality and rigorous investigation.

'Phantom Hospital' results from one such creative partnership between Tusk Tale Films and Josy Joseph's company Confluence Media.

An unusual scandal in the healthcare sector has inspired 'Phantom Hospital'.

"All of us have been victims of it unknowingly, and through this film we hope to wake up the audience to a new reality," Shahani said.

Priti Shahani, founder and CEO of Tusk Tale Films said about her new content house and collaborating with Mahesh Narayanan and Josy Joseph: "I am excited to partner with Mahesh Narayanan, whose stories have travelled to a nationwide audience and is truly a visionary filmmaker and India's finest investigative journalist Josy Joseph."

She added: "Together we aim to make an entertaining film that uncovers one of the most shocking scandals in our country."

Josy Joseph, founder of Confluence Media, said: "The strange thing about India is that it's real stories are far more dramatic than any that a writer can imagine up, but those have not been harnessed enough for visual storytelling."

Joseph is confident that 'Phantom Hospital' will be a pathbreaking movie that will showcase Narayanan's mastery over the craft and Shahani's capability to see through challenging projects.

The story and screenplay of 'Phantom' Hospital is written by Akash Mohimen and Narayanan.

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