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Zendaya says therapy is 'a beautiful thing'

Zendaya says therapy is 'a beautiful thing'

Los Angeles, Hollywood star Zendaya would "recommend" therapy to anyone who can afford it as she calls it a "beautiful thing".

Zendaya shared: "Of course I go to therapy. I mean, if anybody is able to possess the financial means to go to therapy, I would recommend they do that. I think it's a beautiful thing."

"You know, there's nothing wrong with working on yourself and dealing with those things with someone who can help you, someone who can talk to you, who's not your mom or whatever. Who has no bias."

The Hollywood star rose to fame as a child, starring on the Disney Channel sitcom 'Shake It Up'.

She admits to refusing to have her first kiss on-screen as a teenager on the show, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Speaking to British Vogue magazine, Zendaya recalled: "I remember being on 'Shake It Up' and being like, 'I'm not gonna do this. I'm going to kiss him on the cheek because I haven't been kissed yet so I don't want the kiss to be on camera.'"

The actress ultimately aspires to establish herself as a well-respected filmmaker and is eager to have black women at the centre of her movies.

Speaking about her long-term ambitions in the industry, the 'Malcolm & Marie' star explained: "If I ever do become a filmmaker, I know that the leads of my films will always be black women. I gotta hurry up and figure out how to f****** become a director, man. I'm trying, I'm learning every day, I really am. There's so much I want to do."

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