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Ram Charan's wife Upasana refuses to answer personal question

Ram Charan's wife Upasana refuses to answer personal question

Hyderabad,   It is not a new thing that most of the media people try to grab maximum information on the personal lives of popular people and celebrities. 'RRR' fame Ram Charan, who is the son of Telugu Megastar Chiranjeevi, is one of those celebrities, whose lifestyle is trailed by the media and his fans on all occasions.


Ram Charan's wife Upasana, who had a media interaction recently, conveyed that she is not entitled to answer any of the personal questions posed by anyone, who had nothing to do with her life. It is to be noted that Upasana was quizzed on the topic that is way too personal, in most of her media interactions.

As per the context here, Upasana was asked when Ram Charan and she would have a baby.

"It is our personal choice. Suppose I say, I am interested to have a baby soon, then the media will go gaga over that. On contrary, if I say I am not yet ready, that news will also become viral. So, I am not going to answer at all. It is my personal choice, and I am not entitled to answer anyone", Upasana stressed.

Upasana Kamineni Konidela, who is one of the renowned women entrepreneurs of India, is also a great influencer in her real life. Upasana runs a magazine -'BPositive, which is published on the links of positive living and healthy lifestyle and creates a great impact in those areas.

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