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RJ Kajal or Manas? Evictions soon from 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' house

RJ Kajal or Manas? Evictions soon from 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' house

Hyderabad,  Saturday's 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5' episode is to witness an interesting round of twists and turns. As there are only nine inmates in the house currently, the anticipation around voting patterns and audience polls seems to be high.


With Siri, Kajal, Manas, Sunny, and Ravi in the nominations, all of them are known for their complete participation and involvement in the game. While Sunny is an excellent performer, Ravi is also one of the strongest contenders on the show right now. Manas, Siri, and Kajal being tough competitors, the votings patterns show slightly similar results for them.

As per the reports, RJ Kajal is likely to get the least number of votes, while Manas is slightly leading above that. Sunny, Siri, and Ravi apparently received a higher number of votes saving them from the danger, RJ Kajal might be the one who would get evicted from 'Bigg Boss Telugu 5'.

On the other hand, some of the analysts believe that the makers would announce that the nominations are being cancelled, as Jessie's health comes into the context. Jessie is currently sick and is being treated in a secret room. Despite the ongoing treatment, he seems to be unwell.

If the makers are to decide if they want to send Jessie away, they could prefer a 'no eviction' weekend, which would be a fair decision at this juncture. Well, we have to wait until Sunday for the host to announce the decision.

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