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Ram Charan and I are proud to bring back stardom on screen: Jr NTR on 'RRR'

Ram Charan and I are proud to bring back stardom on screen: Jr NTR on 'RRR'

Hyderabad,  Telugu star Jr NTR is geared up for the release of director S.S. Rajamouli's epic 'RRR', co-starring Ram Charan, and he shares his thoughts on the film.

The 'Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava' actor, who has been quite busy promoting 'RRR' had an exclusive chat with IANS.

Jr NTR explains how Rajamouli has evolved as a filmmaker.

Having worked with Rajamouli when he was just getting started, Jr NTR believes that Rajamouli has only grown hungrier to make more movies of great significance.

"The success quotient of S.S. Rajamouli has become exponentially bigger. His vision has become a macro-scale. But, as a person, he is still the same 'Jakkanna' to me," Jr NTR said.

Ram Charan's plays Alluri Seetharama Raju, which has a few cinematic references. But, for Komaram Bheem played by Jr NTR, there is no single reference about the character.

When quizzed about the same, Jr NTR said, "It is true that Komaram Bheem has no cinematic references."

"We all grew up hearing the stories about these heroes. We all would have imagined a figure and its characteristics, right? For a Rajamouli movie, you have to undo almost every detail you ever have imagined or assumed."

He further explained, "So, even though there is a reference, we have to undo those details."

"So, it was totally Rajamouli's imagination that you will see on the screen. Only the characters are real, the story surrounding them is totally fictional. We did multiple workshops together, to get into the skin of the characters."

Jr NTR explains that Rajamouli has imbibed realistic features of the 'Gond Veer' Komaram Bheem, while the story is completely fictional.

On being asked about his bond with Ram Charan and their director complaining about their 'pointless brawls' on the sets of 'RRR', Jr NTR said they had a well-grounded explanation.

"When we have such a big project we are working on, everything gets intense on the sets. As I am an intense person myself, I get deeply engrossed in the work."

"So, it is legit that we have such fun-filled breaks," he said.

Jr NTR further explained, "There were times where we all used to break out in laughter. As Ram Charan and I were friends from earlier times, there were no boundaries."

"We had to take breaks because the pressure of working for a mammoth venture, needs to be in equilibrium."

"There are a lot of inhibitions for the actors to come together to make movies. I am proud to say that Charan and I have worked together to bring back the lost culture of two big stars working together for a movie."

"The first two minutes will be Ram Charan's and NTR's individual fans watching the movie. But, the third minute, it is the movie fan, the audience, leaving behind the fandom", Jr. NTR said, when he talks about their individual fandoms.

On January 7, 'RRR' will hit the screens. Jr NTR plays Komaram Bheem, while Ram Charan plays Alluri Seetharama Raju.

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