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Lakshmi Manchu tests Covid positive, asks fans for movie recos

Lakshmi Manchu tests Covid positive, asks fans for movie recos

Hyderabad,  Popular Telugu actress Lakshmi Prasanna Manchu tested positive for Covid-19. Announcing this on social media, the 'Pittakathalu' actress sought recommendations on shows and movies to watch from her friends so that she can kill time during her isolation.

Manchu had been traveling to wrap up her shoot for the upcoming Malayalam movie 'Monster'. In her post, she mentions that she had played "hide and seek" with the virus before it caught her.

Her younger brother and Telugu actor, Manchu Manoj, had earlier tested positive and isolated himself.

Urging her fans and followers to follow Covid protocols, the actress asked them to get vaccinated, and to go for booster shots if they are eligible, to reduce the risk of hospitalisation.

"They say, don't run from your fears, attack them. Well, that didn't turn out well for me," Lakshmi wrote in her post.AShe said that Covid-19 had finally caught up with her after she had successfully played "hide-and-seek for two years from the 'buchodu' of 2020 and screaming GO CORONA GO." 'Buchodu' is the Telugu word for 'monster'.

"I did give it a fight but it had other plans," Manchu added.A"Gonna use some kalari skills to kick Covid's a**." She was referring to the martial arts form Kalaripayattu.

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