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Priyamani's gripping murder thriller 'Bhama Kalapam' streaming now

Priyamani's gripping murder thriller 'Bhama Kalapam' streaming now

Hyderabad,  With Actress Priyamani in the lead role, the murder thriller titled 'Bhama Kalapam' is streaming on Aha now.

With not many realistic points, the story is dramatic, as Priyamani shines in the role of a curious lady, who often gets herself into trouble.

'Bhama Kalapam' is directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti, features a murder mystery, which involves an expensive egg, which is stolen from a popular museum.

Priyamani plays the role of Anupama, who is a homemaker and starts a YouTube channel, as her culinary skills are extraordinary. But, her curiosity and habitual peeking into others' lives create problems, as the apartment community wrongs her.

Anupama lands in a greater mystery, as one day, she decides to slide into a neighbouring house out of curiosity.

The rest of the story is followed by some edge-of-your-seat moments, as multiple people get involved in a crime, taking the lives of a meat merchant, a criminal, a resident of the community.

The screenplay by Abhimanyu is as gripping as the music by Justin Prabhakaran. The racy narrative adds to the intriguing thrill in 'Bhama Kalapam'. Yet, some scenes lack logic, making the script not so realistic.

Situational comedy adds much entertainment to the mystery, while Priyamani's performance stands as one of the highlights.

'Bhama Kalapam' is a one-time-watch web original, with wit, thrill, and other aspects of entertainment imbibed in the story.

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