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Rajamouli gets emotional as he speaks about Chiranjeevi at 'RRR' event

Rajamouli gets emotional as he speaks about Chiranjeevi at 'RRR' event

Hyderabad,  S.S. Rajamouli, who spoke at the pre-release event of his movie 'RRR', got a tad emotional as he thanked megastar Chiranjeevi for supporting the Telugu movie industry.

Speaking at the pre-release of 'RRR' in Chikkaballapur in Karnataka, the 'Simhadri' director spoke highly of Chiranjeevi.As a reference to the recent ticket pricing issues, Rajamouli stated that Chiranjeevi was the one who stood against all the odds.

The film director was moved to tears while thanking Chiranjeevi, the man who helped revise the AP ticket pricing guide.

"People called him names, spread many things against him. But, he was the only one who decided to try harder for solutions. We all had tried our ways, but gave up. Chiranjeevi sir made it possible for us to walk towards resolution", Rajamouli said.

Rajamouli said, "He hates to be called the Industry head. But, for me he is the head of the industry now. He is a selfless man, who has bent down, just for the welfare of the industry".

Rajamouli also thanked KCR and YS Jagan Reddy for their support regarding the movies, especially, 'RRR'.

'RRR' is now only a couple of days away from its grand release. With huge expectations, the movie will hit the screens on March 25, across the globe.

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