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Mehreen Pirzada pens solemn note about stardom and its pitfalls

Mehreen Pirzada pens solemn note about stardom and its pitfalls

Hyderabad, Mehreen Pirzada, who will be seen next in Anil Ravipudi's commercial entertainer 'F3', has penned a lengthy note about stardom and its darker side.

Through her recent Instagram story, the 'Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gaadha' actress grabbed massive attention, revealing the pitfalls of every star.

"There must be something crazy about the artists, that we willfully choose the life of uncertainty. A lifetime with no guarantee", Mehreen's post reads.

Mehreen further mentioned how the actors have to go through two extremes, unprecedented success, and monumental failure any time.

"We sit, stand, wake, sleep, starve, ache in awkward spots, glued together by a shared thrill," Mehreen stated.

The post also talks about the extremity in the lives of the stars, as they need to work irrespective of the situation, while they also need to be away from their families for a longer time.

"We push ourselves to a breaking point, all for a piece of art," she concluded.

Mehreen's post has left her fans and followers to ponder over what difficulties celebrities go through.

The 'F2' actress' fans comment that despite the fact that the celebrities get to enjoy unlimited attention, they also have their struggles.

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