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SPB Special: Emotional tribute on 'Indian Idol Telugu'

SPB Special: Emotional tribute on 'Indian Idol Telugu'

Hyderabad,  The most recent episodes of "Indian Idol Telugu" have been specially programmed to pay heartfelt tributes to the late legendary singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, affectionately known as SPB.

While all of the Top 11 contestants have shown exceptional talent and skill, two of the most recent episodes were dedicated to paying tribute to SPB.

Thaman and Karthik, the judges, had nostalgic moments about Balasubrahmanyam, while singer Kalpana, who was a special guest, remembered the legend and became emotional as well.

As previously unseen photos of SPB glittered on the screen, singer Kalpana exclaimed: "Coming here has only increased my longing for him. I try to suppress my emotions, but every song makes me think of Balu sir."

SPB used to call music director Thaman 'Narkeswar Rao' (funnily) because he knifed a few SPB words and turned them into a lyric in the song.

A few beautiful images of Balasubrahmanyam with other actors were shown on screen as the Indian Idol Telugu singers sang his songs in tribute to him.

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