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Malayalam actor Sreejith Ravi gets bail in POCSO case

Malayalam actor Sreejith Ravi gets bail in POCSO case

Kochi,  Malayalam actor Sreejith Ravi on Friday got bail from the Kerala High Court in a case of indecent exposure registered under the POCSO Act.

The court informed his wife and his father that appropriate treatment should be given to him and if he repeats the offence, his bail will stand cancelled.

Last week Sreejith Ravi was arrested from his house at Thrissur under the POCSO Act on the charge of indecent exposure.

Sreejith, son of popular actor T.G. Ravi, was arrested for a similar offence in 2016, but managed to wriggle out after the police allegedly registered the case under flimsy grounds.

Early this month on July 4, two children aged 14 and 9 complained to the police about a man who came in a black car and behaved indecently at a park in Thrissur -- the cultural capital of the state.

Soon the Thrissur West police got into the act and screened the CCTV visuals and managed to zero-in on the car. After reaching the accused's house they realised that it belonged to actor Sreejith.

He was taken into custody and a detailed probe into the case has been launched.

Forty-six-year-old Sreejith is a mechanical engineer by profession and also holds a degree in management. He entered the Malayalam film industry in 2005 and has acted in over 70 films.

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